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General Merchandise.  We are willing to liquidate any type merchandise that needs to be moved.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this task and we will discuse all options with you before we prepare and offer your possessions up for bid.

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About Us

Jeanie (AKA Lizzie B) and I (COL "COOP") have been in the antiques and collectables business for most of our 17 years together.  We went to the same auction every week for 6 years before I started deploying again with the Army in 2001.  Once retired from the military after 24 years and mangled up,  I needed something to do and it is hard to find anything that is handicapped accessable.  We set up the auction house and I went to the The Texas Auction Academy.  Now my title is Colonel Cooper, (the title for a licensed auctioneer is COL.  You know all my military brothers and sisters are loving this anomaly).

We are ready to serve you all as buyers and sellers. We strive to stay in the know and offer you options for your purchasing and liquidating needs and to stay abreast of changing laws and opportunities in the auction community.